Saint Lucia Airport Parking

There are a few parking lots near Saint Lucia Airport. It's a tiny terminal with only about a hundred passenger parking spots.

Airport parking is rarely a hassle because of this. Taxis and rented cars are readily available on the island, making transportation a breeze for most visitors.

Airline customers are strongly urged to avoid leaving their cars at the airport and to instead take public transportation to and from the terminals.

Parking Rates (in Eastern Caribbean Dollars ECD)

  • $3 ECD for the first hour or part thereof
  • $2 ECD per hour or part thereof after the first hour until the fifth hour
  • $15 ECD daily beyond six hours
  • $15 ECD for lost tickets

Short-term Parking

There is a single lot with 100 spots accessible for short-term parking. As a bonus, parking here is free of charge and right across from the main entrance to the Departures Hall. There is a severe lack of trust in the facility's security, even though theft is uncommon on the island. There is no need to make a reservation ahead of time.

Long-term Parking

For additional information on airport parking alternatives, including those for the long term, passengers are encouraged to contact the airport manager at +758 454 6355. Added protection can be arranged, but this location is shared with the nearby short-term parking. Long-term parking at this airport is typically free.

Disabled Parking

If you need information on parking possibilities for passengers with disabilities, please contact the airport manager at +758 454 6355. However, there are designated parking spaces immediately outside the main Departures Hall entrance, and they rarely fill up. Even without advanced planning, you can find parking close to your destination.

Map of Car Parks at St Lucia Airport